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Unique Picture Framing in Bothell, WA June 26, 2013

Did you know Acclaimed Photography does custom photo framing and Canvas Galleries? Here are a few samples of  the unique custom photo framing we have completed.  

Acclaimed Photography stocks a large selection of picture framing corner samples, over 200 frames and even more matting varieties.

We are happy to help you frame a memory box, your favorite photo, frame your childhood artwork, and many other items., Come and see our  framing gallery in Bothell, Washington, USA

Unique Picture Framing in Bothell, WA at Acclaimed Photography.

Keep in mind that it is very important to have the proper lighting for photographs.  By lighting your photographs correctly you will get the

maximum beauty and enjoyment of them.

Framing and Lighting of Photographs

This is a Canvas Gallery Wrap.  You can see on the right how the canvas actually wraps around the image.

Unique Portrait Framing in Bothell, WA at Acclaimed Photography

This is a single family portrait, the image is textured and sprayed with an archival protectant, and a single frame.

Each portrait is unique and should be framed on its own merit.

Unique Family Portrait Framing WA

Add another element to your picture framing. This mom wanted her daughters name spelled out.

Unique Family Portrait Framing Bothell, WA

Close up of name in the frame and the ‘cut out’

Professional Matting and Frames for Portraits in Bothell, WA

This portrait is framed using a single frame, suede matting and one simple filet that you can see frames just the portrait.

Acclaimed Photography

Custom Picture Framing in Bothell, WA


Personalized Christmas Gifts – 2011 November 19, 2011

Create custom jewelry for Christmas gifts

Create custom jewelry for Christmas gifts

Have you ever been at a loss for just that special gift for your loved one? Here is one custom gift you can give – jewelry! What woman does not want jewelry?? Especially when it is custom and has photos of her children and family on it!

Here are a few ideas for jewelry that is sure to please mom, grandma, sisters, aunts, cousins, etc.

This jewelry is available through Acclaimed Photography,


Congratulations to two new moms….. December 6, 2010

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Congratulations to two of my wonderful clients who both recently became second time moms this past week!  I recently photographed both of them for maternity photos and am looking forward to photographing their babies!  Take care and see you soon, Kerri

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Images taken at the Acclaimed Photography outdoor ‘Portrait Park’ October 14, 2010

If you have ever been to our Bothell Portrait Park you know it’s a proverbial ‘work in progress’. Here are a few of the finished images from the property.  We are continuing to build ‘sets’ to accommodate individuals, families, children/babies, etc.


off the back deck



The Brick Oven



An old chair


The Bench (It's now covered in ivy and looks even cooler!)

A Guy's Pride and Joy!

Cowboy by the storage shed

High School Senior Girl

Country Boy in the 'Meadow'

Another Guy Shot... Car in the 'Meadow'


A Budding Country Singer



35 FREE Holiday Cards & Fall Portrait Special with Acclaimed Photography…. October 10, 2010

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Fall Portrait Special

35 Free Holiday Cards

with a booked portrait session October 15-16-17 or 22-23-24, 2010


Hurry… these magnificent Fall colors won’t last long! Acclaimed Photography is offering a two week special; book any Fall portrait session and receive 35  holiday cards for free, with your paid portrait session.  The free 35 holiday card offer is valid for two weekends only.

Call today and reserve this special opportunity with your family.   These portraits will become more valuable as the years pass by… don’t delay, call today! 206-228-244two. When you call to book, please have your credit card ready. Session fees are collected to reserve your time with Acclaimed Photography. At the time of your booking we will also give you some tips on dressing properly for your portrait. Wearing the correct clothing can definitely take your portrait from ordinary to extraordinary!

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How to photograph a birthday party. . .

If you want to rise above simple birthday party snapshots to show really great, professional-looking party pictures, here are some tips to try, and pitfalls to avoid.

Here’s how most people take pictures at birthday parties: Flash on, perhaps with red-eye reduction pre-flash, the birthday boy or girl blowing out the candles or cutting the cake, maybe a few posed shots afterward with friends. The look is consistent, familiar, and wrong, because the straight on-camera flash produces a coal-mine effect. Unflattering light falls on the faces of the people in the pictures and the background is most likely going to be dark, even though the room is light.
Who really enjoys birthday party pix that look like that?
Surprisingly, just a few camera adjustments can fix the coal miner look, while a few simple posing directions can help you capture the spirit of the party.

Get the light right

Step one is to change how you light and expose your party shots. The goal is to lighten the overall scene so it looks more natural and less like a coal mine. Let’s start with what you can do with point and shoots cameras and work our way up the camera and flash food chain.

First, increase your ISO to about 400 (any higher and you’ll have unacceptable digital noise (depending on the camera you use) , even if you are only making a smallprint). Then, change your flash mode to night portrait mode. The camera will choose a longer exposure so the ambient light in the room will look brighter and more natural, while the flash will fill in the shadows. Be sure to hold your camera steady (turn on shake reduction).

If you are using a DSLR and have a flash with a swivel head, you don’t have to boost your ISO or use night portrait: point the flash towards a wall or ceiling (assuming that wall or ceiling is white) and bounce it to create an open, ambient light. If you don’t have a white wall or ceiling to bounce the light off of, consider creating the bare-bulb look with a Gary Fong Lightsphere or Flashpoint Q system Diffuser Dome.

Even better: If you have a wireless flash with more than one flash unit, set up a second flash on a stand to fill in the background while the on-camera flash is more direct. Both flashes should be diffused, of course.


Gather ’round, everybody! Note how the light is open and the background is well lit. Following the above directions will get you more natural-looking birthday photos.
Be a party director
Let’s take the “blowing out the cake” shot. Most photographers worth their salt will strive to capture this one. Here’s how it usually plays out: Everyone is sitting around a table, with the birthday boy or girl at the head. The cake is brought out accompanied by singing in varying keys. The candles are blown out, the picture is taken, and you’re done. The resulting image, however, is the person blowing out the candles, looking either alone (being at the head of the table) or with one or two people looking on, or worse, all the kids blocking the shot.

That’s a mighty lonely-looking birthday celebration, isn’t it? Let’s fix it.

Before the cake comes out, you, as the photographer, are tasked with gathering guests around the birthday boy or girl. Have them stand behind and next to him or her, squished tightly together (which in itself can lead to some interesting expressions and moments). Now, have the cake brought out, and start shooting. Don’t be shy about directing people to move so they’re in the shot!

Photograph the approach, the singing, the blow-out, and the cake cutting, all with people still gathered around. This is your prime time!


Case Studies

Let’s look at five successful birthday party pix, and what made them work:

Be sure you’ve locked focus and exposure on the birthday boy before he blows out the candle. That way you can avoid missing the moment due to lag time.

Once the ceremonial part of the party is over, go around the table, and take a quick portrait of each of the guests. You can zoom in or not as you wish. Shooting at a “normal” focal length will produce flattering portraits while still including others and the ambience of the party in the background.

Finally, there’s the unwrapping of gifts…this is not only a fun photo opportunity (the expressions upon reading gag cards or seeing the gifts can be fun) but it’s also a good way to document who gave what. Photograph the card with the gift. Easy.

Not just child’s play: Birthday parties aren’t just for kids, and don’t necessarily have to be indoors. It’s definitely OK to pose friends and family together with the smiling birthday girl. Just make sure the exposure is open and there aren’t any bothersome shadows. Use a fill-in flash or a reflector to kick light into the happy faces.

Happy birthday!

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Last Chance for Beach Portraits….. August 30, 2010

Acclaimed Photography is setting aside dates and times for you and your family to be photographed at the beach…..

We will be at the beach all day on:

Friday/Saturday/Sunday, September 10-11-12 (Edmonds Beach)

and all day Fri/Sat/Sun, September 17-18-19 (Mukilteo Beach).

Since we will be there the entire day we can offer special pricing for your portrait session and packages.

You must make an appointment and you can do so by calling our studio at (206) 228-2442.

Family portraits are an expression of the fun, love, and togetherness you share between your family.

Words alone cannot express the feelings you share with your family. the price, love and concern, the fun of dong things together!

Acclaimed Photography is dedicated to capturing the love and emotions of your family.

A family portrait becomes an expression of your love and emotions that are uniquely your family!

Special Package Pricing for this event only:

(No Coupons/special offers can be used with this package)

Family Share Package Includes:
Half Hour Portrait Session at the Beach
2-8×10’s, 6-5×7’s, and 30 Holiday Cards and envelopes
all for only $299 + tax (Save $275)
(select your 8×10’s and 5×7’s from your favorite two poses)

Holiday, Plus Package Includes:

Half Hour Portrait Session at the Beach
1-8×10, 1-5×7, and 20 Holiday Cards and envelopes
all for only $199 + tax (Save $140)

Holiday Card Package Includes:
Half  Hour Portrait Session at the Beach
30 Holiday Cards with Envelopes
for only $159 + tax (Save $75)


-After booking your session we will consult you on the best clothing choices for the beach, colors, etc.

-The special session is a half hour portrait session for up to five subjects. Additional people/subjects are $20 each.

-Longer portrait sessions will be available on the same date at an additional fee.

-Payment for the session must be made at the time of booking to secure your appointment day/time.

-This special package may not be combined with other offers/discounts.

-Christmas and Holiday Cards come in a set of 30 and are from the same pose.

– Additional portrait sizes and poses are available for purchase (from wallets to Wall Portraits, to custom framed wall collages.

-Approximately a week after the beach portrait session you will be able to view and purchase your images at our

studio in Bothell, WA.

Call Acclaimed Photography today and take advantage of this special offer….206-228-2442

Kerri Kirshner, Photographic Artist


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