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Unique Picture Framing in Bothell, WA June 26, 2013

Did you know Acclaimed Photography does custom photo framing and Canvas Galleries? Here are a few samples of  the unique custom photo framing we have completed.  

Acclaimed Photography stocks a large selection of picture framing corner samples, over 200 frames and even more matting varieties.

We are happy to help you frame a memory box, your favorite photo, frame your childhood artwork, and many other items., Come and see our  framing gallery in Bothell, Washington, USA

Unique Picture Framing in Bothell, WA at Acclaimed Photography.

Keep in mind that it is very important to have the proper lighting for photographs.  By lighting your photographs correctly you will get the

maximum beauty and enjoyment of them.

Framing and Lighting of Photographs

This is a Canvas Gallery Wrap.  You can see on the right how the canvas actually wraps around the image.

Unique Portrait Framing in Bothell, WA at Acclaimed Photography

This is a single family portrait, the image is textured and sprayed with an archival protectant, and a single frame.

Each portrait is unique and should be framed on its own merit.

Unique Family Portrait Framing WA

Add another element to your picture framing. This mom wanted her daughters name spelled out.

Unique Family Portrait Framing Bothell, WA

Close up of name in the frame and the ‘cut out’

Professional Matting and Frames for Portraits in Bothell, WA

This portrait is framed using a single frame, suede matting and one simple filet that you can see frames just the portrait.

Acclaimed Photography

Custom Picture Framing in Bothell, WA


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