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My first video… working with Special Needs Children January 24, 2011

Hello friends,

Many of you know my love for photographing children with special needs and disabilities. I recently did a short video regarding photographing children with special needs.

Here is the YouTube link:

Feel free to share this video with other special families!

Sincerely, Kerri Kirshner

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When a chair just isn’t a chair…. January 12, 2011

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As a professional photographer one of my “things” is buying cool chairs. Chairs that have character, different colors, patterns and shapes. I have at least… well, lots of chairs. Sometimes I like to use them to sit people in, lean them against, or sit them next to. How and when I use a chair always depends on the subject I am photographing, what the purpose of the images are for and what my photographic mood is at the moment.

Last week one of my very kind clients dropped off two chairs to me….for FREE!!! What a sweetheart!! Thank you Jocelyn!

I told her of my chair ‘craze’, explaining how I like to get chairs with their own character. She suggested I name each of my chairs and I thought that was a really fun idea.  Here are the two chairs she gave me……. these will be fun to use this coming year. (I placed a tu tu on the green chair for a splash of color… can’t you just picture a tiny little newborn curled up on this chair??)

Please see my follow up blog post on how I use chairs for my photography:


Thanks! Kerri,


New video . . . . take one! December 10, 2010

Today was a very exciting day for me!  I recorded my first video. A big thank you to Elizabeth Tackett and Lauren Archer for their expertise of the set up and filming.  We shot the video using green screen so I still have options of what I want the background to be.

The theme of the video is to explain a little about how I photograph children with special needs and disabilities. I have been photographing special children for many years and I love working with them and their families. I cannot wait to share the video with you!

I will be sure to post my video as soon as it is done.

Thanks and I’ll post it soon… Kerri Kirshner,

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Priceless moment of a child…. December 6, 2010

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Today, with Santa photos already underway, my nephew Evan (6) came out to the barn where Santa was.  Being a kid and living on a working farm his clothing is usually much more causal, and dirty.  Today he was especially dressed up… to the point where when I saw him I asked him why he was so dressed up, in a little bit of a shocking tone from me.  He said, “I’ve been dressed up, waiting for Santa for four days”, with a huge grin on his face.  What a beautiful moment that was; a  young child looking so innocent and gleefully into my eyes with glee because Santa had arrived. Priceless!

You see, days before I was out at Willows Edge Farm, where Santa arrived today, preparing for his arrival. I hung a beautiful backdrop on one side of the barn. Well, Evan noticed these preparations and was obviously excited, and obviously expecting Santa to arrive days ago…. but yet he waited so patiently!

-Kerri, proud Aunt of Evan!


“Ugly Sweaters, Crazy Hair and Crazy Hats” November 29, 2010

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You’ve NEVER seen a Christmas Card ‘shoot’ like this before!

Well, to start, it has become a custom over the last couple of years for a group of us to get together for SND (Sunday Night Dinner) at the Coonts’ home. Bob is our main chef (in the Fez hat), however, some of us take turns cooking our own favorites to share with the group, and to give Bob a break from the kitchen duties.

Jamie, year after year, has produced some of the most memorable, special Christmas cards, and they just keep getting more interesting and more interesting each year. Last year the photo was just of her girls and the other young people who gather regularly for SND. This year however, Jamie came up with a theme for this years card: “Ugly Sweaters, Crazy Hair and Crazy Hats”. Well, do you think we achieved this? I do!

This is our ‘Dinosaur, graaawwww pose’


This is our nice “Peace” pose

“Total Confusion”


After the session, I went back to the studio to work, and these fine folks all blessed Red Robin in Woodinville with their presence, hats, glassless and all! Well, you can see that we all have a good time and we all have a good sense of humor! You have to these days, right?!


You too can have this much fun…. organize your own SND and see what happens. It’s been fun over the past couple years to be a part of SND. So, if you ever read my Facebook updates and I talk about SND, now you know! You’ve been warned 🙂


Feel free to leave a comment on this blog post. I would love to hear your feedback and hear of any similar stories you have.


Happy Holidays from Kerri Kirshner


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My thoughts on professionalism and mastery…. April 1, 2010

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My thoughts on professionalism and mastery….

Last night as I was flipping through the channels (around 10pm) and I stopped on a channel showing a live symphony. I was taken back for a moment as the camera caught an angle of about 10 violinists in a row all playing their instruments in sync.  It made me pause and think…. “I bet they didn’t just pick up that bow yesterday and start playing at the level they are in the today. I’m sure they’ve  practiced for countless thousands of hours to become the masters they are now.”

It made me think of my own profession of photography.  Although I truly enjoyed photography when I first started I still had a lot of practicing to do and I wasn’t nearly as prepared as I am at this point in my career. Yes, to get to the level I’ve achieved today (and I got’s a lot more to learn from here….) has taken a span of over twenty years.  Through continual learning at workshops, conventions, the internet, and other photogs. has made me the photographer I am today.  Over time, as photography has become the true meaning of my life and a passion of mine it makes me want to become better and better….at pretty much any cost (meaning I give up a LOT of free time and family time to be able to do what I do).

Ya just have-to-gotta-wanna…. and I do! Kerri


I LOVE emails like these….. March 25, 2010

I recently photographed a woman for her professional portrait. She needed some photos for her website, business cards, and marketing materials.  Several days after I delivered her images to her this is an email I got:

“Kerri, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.  What a wonderful gift you’ve given me.  That’s the best picture I’ve ever had in my whole life of 42.8 years :)” (Satisfied client)

I love getting emails like this!! It makes me feel that all the hard work and efforts I put into my craft is paying off!

Sincerely, Kerri


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