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Singer Justin Fehler – The next big pop singer! September 21, 2013

Justin Fehler - The next big singer!

Over the past six years I have photographed Justin Fehler ( When I first started photographing Justin, I photographed he and his mother together. The past three or four photo sessions have been different, just photographing him to promote himself as a singer.

He has released a new video, Justin Fehler – Adrenaline Official Music Video, on YouTube:

Singer Justin Fehler Promotional photos of a singer

Singer Justin Fehler

Singer Justin Fehler Promotional photos of a singer

Singer Justin Fehler Promotional photos of a singer


Realtor “Headshot”, or as I like to call them, Professional Portraits July 1, 2013

Professional Corporate Portrait Headshot Seattle, WA

A cute, and “funny” story of how I know Gerry.  Gerry and I are both very active in the Greater Bothell Chamber of Commerce.  We have gotten to know each other over the 5+ years of being in the chamber and attending their events.  One time I brought my mother to a chamber event and Gerry recognized my mom.  They reminisced about how they knew each other and it turns out we used to ride horses together….way back in the day. (I’ve been riding horses since I was 5 years old).   So with that, it’s brought our connection even closer.

Professional Corporate Photography and Headshots Bothell, WA

Last week I had the great pleasure of photographing this sunny and vivacious realtor, Gerry Eagle of Remax.  I can highly recommend Gerry if you are buying or selling a home. She can be reached on her website at, or phone, 206-226-3245.

Professional Business Photographs in Bothell, WA

Professional Portrait by Acclaimed Photography

As you can see, at Acclaimed Photography we give you a wide variety of image choices with your professional portrait photography session. I suggest that you bring at least two, if not three or four, tops for your portrait.  I always like to have more choices to photograph and then select the images you like the best.
Corporate Headshots for Individuals or Companies

You can contact our studio,, or on Facebook:!/AcclaimedPhotography


A true leader in Seattle! Shandel Slaten February 13, 2011

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Last year I attended Shandel Slatens Women’s Leadership Summit in Seattle, WA. The day was filled with great speakers, food, activities (we all took the ‘DISC’ test which I am an “S”), and networking.  This year Acclaimed Photography is a sponsor of the 2011Women’s Leadership Summit (

A few days ago, on an overcast Seattle day, I had the pleasure to create some new professional portraits of Shandel. Her beauty and energy just radiates from within and I believe these images portray that.

Women's Professional Portrait - Corporate Headshot Bothell WA

Shandel Slaten - Acclaimed Photography

Women's Professional Portrait - Corporate Headshot Seattle WA

Shandel Slaten -Image by Acclaimed Photography

You won’t want to miss this year’s Leadership Summit…The theme is Learn to lead confidently, with purpose and passion.  Speakers are Carol Olsby, Dr. Leslie Parrott, and Shandel Slaten, MCC. April 2nd, 2011 is the date of the ‘Summit’ and it will be held in Seattle.

Hope to see you there! -Kerri Kirshner,


The many looks of Sherry Krainick April 27, 2010

Sherry is running for State Representative and she knew she didn’t want a stuffy look for her campaign materials! We went through several outfit changes to get a variety of looks for Sherry. Here are some of the images from the photo session.  At a later date we did a separate photo session at Bothell Landing with her sons.

To find out more about Sherry and her campaign you can reach her through her website at:


At Acclaimed Photography we will create a professional portraits that matches your personality and suit your business.  The first image was created with natural lighting in my Bothell studio.  Here are some images of Claire….

-Kerri Kirshner


A passionate Insurance Agent . . . April 13, 2010

I can hardly believe I found someone as passionate about INSURANCE as I am about my photography!!! Yes, you read that right! Passionate about Insurance. I’m so glad there are people like Ilana looking out for us in the fun and exciting world of insurance (yes, I’m being a bit facetious when I say ‘fun’ and ‘exciting’. I find it neither, but necessary).

This is the second time I’ve had the pleasure to create a professional image for Ilana. She’s a friendly and brilliant business woman and I’m honored she chose Acclaimed Photography to create her images.

If you want a trustworthy insurance gal in Bothell you can contact Ilana via her website:
Thanks all! Kerri Kirshner/

Recent Entries Submitted for the Baby & Child Contest….. May 20, 2009

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Hello all…. we are in the last few weeks of Miller’s annual Baby and Child portrait contest.


Here are some of the entries I’ve submitted recently:















Here’s the link to the original blog post with all the contest details:


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