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Special Kids Photography Needs Your Help! December 20, 2008

Hello Friends,

If it is your New Year’s Resolution to get more involved with your community or a non-profit, you are reading the right blog post right now! We need your help! You can help in any neighborhood in the world.

Special Kids Photography of America (SKPA) is a non-profit 501 (c) (3)  that operates on a “shoe-string” budget, provided by generous donors and grants.  SKPA trains professional photographers in the art of photographing children with special needs and severe disabilities, including  autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and many other conditions, known and unknown.

What YOU can do…. spread the word about Special Kids Photography of America.  We would like to display beautiful portraits of special needs children in public places.  Displaying images of children with special needs and disabilities will let the world know that they are just like every other child; precious and perfect!

Here are a few sample images to be displayed….


You can contact:

-Your local library

-Your doctor’s office

-Your local kids clothing store

-Your dentist

-Your local mall

-Your place of business

-Your local chamber of commerce

-Local Support Groups

-Service Clubs (Kiwanis’s, Lion’s Club, Elk’s Club, etc).

-Art Galleries


We will provide all the photographs and materials for a beautiful display in any public place. Please contact Kerri Kirshner thru this blog post by posting your response. She will contact you right away. Or, you may go directly to the SKPA website:

Ideally we would like to have a nice display with lighting (as shown in the photo). If you would like to purchase a display for SKPA or for your own using, SKPA can get a 20% discount for use with Special Kids Photos.


If you have any other talents you could donate, such as writing Press Releases, doing PR, Marketing, Web-Design, Graphic Design, we would willingly accept your time and talent donation.

To read more about Special Kids Photography of America please visit their website at

Thank You for your support!


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