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New video . . . . take one! December 10, 2010

Today was a very exciting day for me!  I recorded my first video. A big thank you to Elizabeth Tackett and Lauren Archer for their expertise of the set up and filming.  We shot the video using green screen so I still have options of what I want the background to be.

The theme of the video is to explain a little about how I photograph children with special needs and disabilities. I have been photographing special children for many years and I love working with them and their families. I cannot wait to share the video with you!

I will be sure to post my video as soon as it is done.

Thanks and I’ll post it soon… Kerri Kirshner,

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Special Kids Photography Workshop: March 2nd, 2009 in Seattle February 5, 2009

Hello professional photographers….Here is another chance for photographers to learn how to photograph children with special needs. The workshop will be held at the studio of Kerri Kirshner / Acclaimed Photography on March 2nd, 2009, from 9am-5pm.

At the workshop you will learn:

-Studio Preparation

-Lighting Techniques

-Posing Options

-How to Talk with Parents

-Major and Minor Disabilities Discussed

-How to Communicate with The Child

-Scheduling the Session

and much more!

Call today and enroll. You will also receive the book, “How To Photograph Children with Special Needs” by Karen Dorame, along with a workbook to use in class. The sooner you enroll the sooner you can get your materials to study and be more prepared for class!



Annie’s Auction…..Tonight was a huge success!! January 23, 2009

A couple of months ago I was thrilled to get a request to donate to an auction. This wasn’t ANY auction….it was an auction to raise money for a special needs little girl and the project was managed by a high school senior for her senior project. What a great idea for a senior project!  I am delighted to report that at tonight’s auction over $10,000 was raised to go towards the cost of Annie’s medical and therapy bills.


Annie is a sweet little girl that suffered a seizure in the middle of the night due to undiagnosed Addison’s disease. It caused a hypoxic brain injury. The episode happened two years ago when Annie was just 3 1/2.  This past year Annie is showing marvelous recovery and progress in her daily life.   She has responded well to repetitive therapy, now able to scoot down the stairs.  Other therapies will help Annie relearn to walk and talk, and the ability to eat real food.  As you can imagine, therapies, medical bills, ect. are an enormous cost.


Last week I had the pleasure to meet and photograph Annie in my studio. Her mom brought along a stunning outfit that really shows off Annie’s cuteness!  Here are a few of my favorite images. I just love her sweet little feet and the brightness in her smile. Those smiles of happiness arose when her mother made monkey noises… Annie just thought that was the best! 






A Bright Ray of Sunshine in My Studio….. December 5, 2008

Just a few days ago I photographed 2 year old Julia. What a sweetie! Can you tell by the photos that she is just a beam of light! Her high-energy, smiles and enthusiasm were contagious!  I can’t wait to see her again!! Here are a few of my favorite images. Enjoy!




Kerri Kirshner / Acclaimed Photography, Bothell, Washington.


Special Kids Photography Grant Money to Use…. August 9, 2008

Hello all,

There is a grant in place to help fa miles in need to photograph their children with special needs. The grant covers the photography session with the special needs child along with giving the parents a free 8×10 of their choice.

In this month’s newsletter, produced by Special Kids Photography of America, my image was selected to use to promote the grant. The photo of sweet little Camryn and her mother was taken last week in my Bothell studio. Please see the link below for more information.

-Kerri Kirshner

Acclaimed Photography

Special Kids Photography


Camryn the cutie . . . August 1, 2008

Yesterday, sweet little Camryn came to my studio for her portraits, which one will be included in the “Jameson Book” (see separate blog post-coming soon). She’s a sweet little girl that loves her parents (as you can see in the photos). Between each outfit change Camryn would smile and laugh. We caught a couple of her smiles on camera…..Here are a few of my favorite images from the session.



Bothell photographer doing special work 7-02-08 July 10, 2008

Bothell Reporter

Bothell photographer doing special work


They say every picture tells a thousand words.

If that’s the case, Kerri Kirshner has the power to speak volumes about special-needs families.

The Bothell photographer has a growing list of clientele whose children have disabilities.

Kirshner is accredited through Special Kids Photography of America, a nonprofit organization that trains photographers to work with special-needs subjects.

From autism to amputations, she’s ready to cover it all, taking her craft into a realm where few professionals in her field have the confidence to go.

Getting the job done takes patience and flexibility.

“Sometimes you just have to follow a kid for hours until you get that one good shot,” Kirshner said.

That moment can come at any time: while the photographer is packing up, when a child is being comforted or after a scheduled session has officially ended.

“With special-needs kids, their parents light up when you get a good image,” Kirshner said.

“To me, that’s one of the most significant things I can do — just give that gift to a parent.”

Snohomish resident Jamie Coonts hired Kirshner to shoot portraits of her late son, Jameson, who lived until the age of 5 with fragile health and undiagnosed developmental delays.

The photos ended up capturing tender moments between the boy and his parents.

“They were beautiful,” Coonts said. “They show love and nurturing and communication. Kerri appreciated my son and saw the beauty in him.”

Coonts trusted Kirshner enough to bring her in for another shoot after Jameson died of the stomach flu in August of 2006.

“I called her from the hospital,” Coonts said.

“I thought ‘This is the last chance we’ll have to get photos of him.’ She took some beautiful pictures that we used at his memorial”

Kirshner also created images for the first anniversary of Jameson’s death, taking shots of Jamie in her son’s memorial garden.

“A relationship started to grow from the first session we had,” Coonts said.

Today, the pair is collaborating on a photo book that will feature kids with undiagnosed disabilities.

Kirshner’s role is to capture the images, while Coonts gathers parent quotes and uses her connections with the special-needs community to find participants.

The goal is to raise awareness and change society’s perception of special-needs children.

“I’ve always said that I wish everyone could know what it’s like having a relationship with a child like my son,” Coonts said.

Kirshner also does traditional portraits, and has won four awards this year through the Seattle Professional Photographers Association.

She is the owner of Acclaimed Photography in Bothell.

• For information about Acclaimed Photography, visit or call (425) 481-6555.

Bothell Reporter Reporter Joshua Hicks can be reached at or 425-483-3732.

Kerri Kirshner, an award-winning photographer who specializes in photographing children with special needs, poses in her home studio. - Fumiko Yarita / Reporter

Kerri Kirshner, an award-winning photographer who specializes in photographing children with special needs, poses in her home studio.  // Fumiko Yarita / Reporter


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