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Re-cap of 2008 – A Year in Review January 17, 2009

 2008 was a very busy year for me; personally and professionally. It had mostly up’s and one down, but overall a productive year.  Here are a few of the things I did listed in chronological order:

PPA, Tampa Jan 2008-Professional Photographers of America photography conference, Imaging USA. One of the largest photography trade shows in the USA. I attended a variety of  instructors classes (about 10) and also volunteered in the Special Kids Photography of America (SKPA) vendor booth.
My Dad’s Passing-I was soo blessed to have traveled with him several times to Europe. We have lots of photos to remember all the good times together.

WPPI, March 2008, Las Vegas. Wedding and Portrait Photographer’s International annual trade show, just like that of Imaging USA listed above. I attended a variety of  instructors classes (about 10) and also volunteered in the Special Kids Photography of America (SKPA) vendor booth.

Created a “blog” which was listed in WordPress’s top 100 growing blogs. I add to it as much as I can. The typical blog post takes about 30 minutes.

Created an E-mail (monthly-ish) newsletter. I have had really great feedback from the e-newsletter. If you are not signed up drop me a note and I’ll add you to the newsletter, which contains promotions and events.
Hosted the annual SPPA (Seattle Professional Photographers) annual picnic at my studio. You can see images of this under ” Trash the Bride”. It was a great event that around 40 other photographer’s at my studio found very interesting places to photograph on my one acre.

Taught a class at my studio about “How to blog”.

Taught a class on how to photograph children with special needs, along with mother of a special needs son, Jamie Coonts.  I am a trainer thru Special Kids Photography of America.

Started remodeling my house and studio all summer. This was no small task! I’m very pleased how phase one has taken shape.

Ribbon Cutting. I held a ribbon-cutting event in August to ‘open’ the studio.

-Traveled to Turkey in September. I couldn’t find anyone interested in traveling to Turkey so I went by myself. It was fabulous!!

-Halloween Photos. This was the first year I offered FREE Halloween photos. All the cuties came all dressed up and received a free photo in our “Harvest” themed set. This will be an annual event.
-Open House/Social.I hosted a ‘social’ thru the Greater Bothell Chamber of Commerce in November.
On-location family and High School Senior portraits. This year was a record for the amount of on-location photo sessions for High School Seniors and Family Portrait Sessions. People are really loving going down to the beach or a park for portraits.

Furthering my commitment to Special Kids Photography of America. On a weekly basis I am making contacts to further the awareness of special kids photography and just how beautiful the children are.

Set up a photo display at Bothell Library  which focused soley on special needs children.  This was done to increase the awareness of children with special needs and disabilities and show off their beauty.

Cruised to Mexico with another photographerand mainly photographed doors and people at each port of call. Truly fun to photograph things that you don’t do everyday. It inspired me to be creative.
-Santa Photos. This was the first year I offered Santa Photos. It was a big hit and the studio will continue to offer these each November/December.

-Entered and won several awards with my photography. Throughout the year I have entered the monthly contest at the Seattle Professional Photographer’s Association. I won a few awards and also increased my strive to do better and better work (to win the contest and for you!).

-Had a record December. I was so pleased that so many families wanted to invest and give gifts of something that will last a lifetime. Bravo you guys!

I’m sure I’m forgetting something!


Goals for 2009:

-Continue to promote Special Kids Photograph of America. Get donors for non-profit Special Kids Photography of America. Until you have a child, or know someone, with special needs, you have no idea how precious and important a beautiful portrait of a child is. Imagine….. having NO, not ONE beautiful portrait of your child to look at and enjoy.

-Attend more photography workshops and classes. All the hard work and time commitment that goes into studying with the top photographers pays off with me making better images for my clients.

-Teach another Special Kids Photography workshop in March 2009 at my studio in Bothell.


More to come……Happy 2009. Make it a great one, Kerri


Special Kids Photography Needs Your Help! December 20, 2008

Hello Friends,

If it is your New Year’s Resolution to get more involved with your community or a non-profit, you are reading the right blog post right now! We need your help! You can help in any neighborhood in the world.

Special Kids Photography of America (SKPA) is a non-profit 501 (c) (3)  that operates on a “shoe-string” budget, provided by generous donors and grants.  SKPA trains professional photographers in the art of photographing children with special needs and severe disabilities, including  autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and many other conditions, known and unknown.

What YOU can do…. spread the word about Special Kids Photography of America.  We would like to display beautiful portraits of special needs children in public places.  Displaying images of children with special needs and disabilities will let the world know that they are just like every other child; precious and perfect!

Here are a few sample images to be displayed….


You can contact:

-Your local library

-Your doctor’s office

-Your local kids clothing store

-Your dentist

-Your local mall

-Your place of business

-Your local chamber of commerce

-Local Support Groups

-Service Clubs (Kiwanis’s, Lion’s Club, Elk’s Club, etc).

-Art Galleries


We will provide all the photographs and materials for a beautiful display in any public place. Please contact Kerri Kirshner thru this blog post by posting your response. She will contact you right away. Or, you may go directly to the SKPA website:

Ideally we would like to have a nice display with lighting (as shown in the photo). If you would like to purchase a display for SKPA or for your own using, SKPA can get a 20% discount for use with Special Kids Photos.


If you have any other talents you could donate, such as writing Press Releases, doing PR, Marketing, Web-Design, Graphic Design, we would willingly accept your time and talent donation.

To read more about Special Kids Photography of America please visit their website at

Thank You for your support!


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