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When a chair just isn’t a chair…. January 12, 2011

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As a professional photographer one of my “things” is buying cool chairs. Chairs that have character, different colors, patterns and shapes. I have at least… well, lots of chairs. Sometimes I like to use them to sit people in, lean them against, or sit them next to. How and when I use a chair always depends on the subject I am photographing, what the purpose of the images are for and what my photographic mood is at the moment.

Last week one of my very kind clients dropped off two chairs to me….for FREE!!! What a sweetheart!! Thank you Jocelyn!

I told her of my chair ‘craze’, explaining how I like to get chairs with their own character. She suggested I name each of my chairs and I thought that was a really fun idea.  Here are the two chairs she gave me……. these will be fun to use this coming year. (I placed a tu tu on the green chair for a splash of color… can’t you just picture a tiny little newborn curled up on this chair??)

Please see my follow up blog post on how I use chairs for my photography:


Thanks! Kerri,


2 Responses to “When a chair just isn’t a chair….”

  1. These are so your style Kerri! Love them … will make for some amazing I’m sure.

    Free week of summer Farm Life Camp:

  2. alison Says:

    Lucky!!! Beautiful chairs!

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