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“Ugly Sweaters, Crazy Hair and Crazy Hats” November 29, 2010

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You’ve NEVER seen a Christmas Card ‘shoot’ like this before!

Well, to start, it has become a custom over the last couple of years for a group of us to get together for SND (Sunday Night Dinner) at the Coonts’ home. Bob is our main chef (in the Fez hat), however, some of us take turns cooking our own favorites to share with the group, and to give Bob a break from the kitchen duties.

Jamie, year after year, has produced some of the most memorable, special Christmas cards, and they just keep getting more interesting and more interesting each year. Last year the photo was just of her girls and the other young people who gather regularly for SND. This year however, Jamie came up with a theme for this years card: “Ugly Sweaters, Crazy Hair and Crazy Hats”. Well, do you think we achieved this? I do!

This is our ‘Dinosaur, graaawwww pose’


This is our nice “Peace” pose

“Total Confusion”


After the session, I went back to the studio to work, and these fine folks all blessed Red Robin in Woodinville with their presence, hats, glassless and all! Well, you can see that we all have a good time and we all have a good sense of humor! You have to these days, right?!


You too can have this much fun…. organize your own SND and see what happens. It’s been fun over the past couple years to be a part of SND. So, if you ever read my Facebook updates and I talk about SND, now you know! You’ve been warned 🙂


Feel free to leave a comment on this blog post. I would love to hear your feedback and hear of any similar stories you have.


Happy Holidays from Kerri Kirshner


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2 Responses to ““Ugly Sweaters, Crazy Hair and Crazy Hats””

  1. For my ‘crazy hair’ I did pony tails on the side of my head, but I think they look more like pom-poms (like what cheerleaders use). Ha!

  2. alison Says:

    Love this idea Kerri! It looks like you guys have a blast together – and isn’t that what makes like sweet! We are thinking of having a Crazy Christmas Sweater party……I like the idea of having Crazy Hats too!

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