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My thoughts on professionalism and mastery…. April 1, 2010

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My thoughts on professionalism and mastery….

Last night as I was flipping through the channels (around 10pm) and I stopped on a channel showing a live symphony. I was taken back for a moment as the camera caught an angle of about 10 violinists in a row all playing their instruments in sync.  It made me pause and think…. “I bet they didn’t just pick up that bow yesterday and start playing at the level they are in the today. I’m sure they’ve  practiced for countless thousands of hours to become the masters they are now.”

It made me think of my own profession of photography.  Although I truly enjoyed photography when I first started I still had a lot of practicing to do and I wasn’t nearly as prepared as I am at this point in my career. Yes, to get to the level I’ve achieved today (and I got’s a lot more to learn from here….) has taken a span of over twenty years.  Through continual learning at workshops, conventions, the internet, and other photogs. has made me the photographer I am today.  Over time, as photography has become the true meaning of my life and a passion of mine it makes me want to become better and better….at pretty much any cost (meaning I give up a LOT of free time and family time to be able to do what I do).

Ya just have-to-gotta-wanna…. and I do! Kerri


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