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Do I really need to mow the yard?? April 30, 2009

Filed under: children's photos — Kerri Kirshner @ 5:01 pm
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Last week my handy riding lawnmower broke. Got it all ready to mow the front and back yard (which usually takes @ 2 hours) broke. I had it started and ready to go…. shifted the lever to engage the blade and it shook a little and went dead. Turned the key several times and would not turn over…..ahhh… the joys of having a large yard (close to an acre).


I guess I’ll just make lemonade then….I photographed Jacob for the Baby and Child portrait contest (ends June 20th) and I caught this photo of him in the back yard. I guess the ‘weeds’ worked in my favor for this image!?? Any comments?



2 Responses to “Do I really need to mow the yard??”

  1. Wow! What a beautiful photo. I love the depth of the photo–it’s not your average snap shot. It’s got a very artistic feel to it.

  2. Nicolas VelaBorja Says:

    I love it. The amount of room in front of the child gives you the feeling that it has a long road ahead of it to grow and mature, so yes the growing grass does help!

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