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Baby & Child Photography Contest, March 1st thru June 21st, 2009 February 27, 2009

Acclaimed Photography of Bothell, Washington (Seattle Area) is participating in the Miller’s Lab national Baby and Child Photography Contest. In as basic and easy to understand terms as possible, each child that has their photograph created at the studio of Acclaimed Photography is eligible to enter the contest. There are 4 different qualifying rounds. Only professional photographers are eligible to VOTE on all the photos submitted for entry, but the parents of the winning photo GET the prize money. (Please see the Miller’s Lab contest rules below).


Acclaimed Photography is also giving away prizes at their studio, in conjunction with the Baby & Child contest. Here’s the details on that:

Each paid portrait session is eligible to enter the Acclaimed Photography’s monthly drawing (to coincide with the 4 rounds of the Miller’s Lab photo contest). Each month one lucky person will win a piece of jewelry with their child’s image on it. At the end of the 4 rounds Acclaimed Photography will put all the names together and draw one grand prize winner. The grand prize is a purse or tote bag with their child’s image on it. Please call the studio with any questions you may have.


Acclaimed Photography looks forward to working with you! acclaimedphoto(at)




Miller’s Lab – 2009 Baby & Child Contest Guidelines

Due to the high participation in last year’s contest, the 2009 Miller’s Lab  Baby & Child Contest will be held online, allowing all professional photographers to determine the winners by voting on their favorite portraits.

Categories for this year’s contest include: Color, Black & White/Sepia, Special Needs, and Humorous.

 The online contest will consist of four different qualifying rounds and one final round. Each round will last for one month. Miller’s customers (professional photographers) will be able to post entries during the first three weeks of every qualifying month and vote during the last week of the month.  Posting and voting deadlines are listed:

  • Round 1 (March): Post Entries – March 1 – 21. Vote on Entries – March 22 – 31.
  • Round 2 (April): Post Entries – April 1 – 21. Vote on Entries – April 22 – 30.
  • Round 3 (May): Post Entries – May 1 – 21. Vote on Entries – May 22 – 31.
  • Round 4 (June): Post Entries – June 1 – 21. Vote on Entries – June 22 – 30.

For each qualifying round, the top five winners will be selected from the four categories and will receive a studio sample of their winning image. These winning portraits will be entered into the Final Round, which takes place during the month of July. The Final Round will be judged online by a panel of esteemed photographers. First, Second, and Third places, as well as two Honorable Mentions, will be announced for each category! Cash prizes for these winners include $2,000 for First, $1,000 for Second, $750 for Third, and $500 for each Honorable Mention. One portrait from the Final Round will also receive the highest of accolades — Grand Prize Winner. The cash prize will be $5,000 for this lucky winner! All cash prizes will be given to the families of the winning portraits.


Miller’s 2009 Baby & Child Contest Rules

  • All portraits taken January 1- June 21, 2009 are eligible for entry into the 2009 Baby & Child Contest.
  • Voters will have the ability to flag any image they feel does not meet the guidelines of the contest. Flagged images will be reviewed prior to the announcement of round winners to ensure the winning images do meet contest standards.
  • Participants may post one image per child from each photography session. Miller’s reserves the right to delete multiple submissions from one session.
  • Participants are not limited on the amount of images they can post.
  • It is the responsibility of the participant to format pictures correctly and according to the category prior to posting the image. Miller’s will not reformat images once submitted and reserves the right to delete any submission that fails to meet these requirements.
  • Miller’s reserves the right to delete any submission that is inappropriate in nature.
  • Miller’s will not use any participants’ images without prior consent.
  • We ask that all images remain anonymous. Please refrain from placing studio logos or text on any images.
  • Children age 12 and under can be entered into the contest.
  • Maternity shots do not fall within any of the available categories.

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