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Two Great Photography Conferences: IUSA and WPPI February 26, 2009

Two Great Photography Conferences: IUSA and WPPI

This year has already been packed with learning new techniques and new trends in photography. In January I attended Imaging USA  in Phoenix, AZ and WPPI (Wedding an Portrait Photographers International) in Las Vegas, NV. Both photography conferences were fantastic!  The main reason I went to both conferences was to volunteer in the Special Kids Photography booth which was located on the main trade show floor; we were one of almost 400 vendors. It was exciting and invigorating to meet all the wonderful photographers from around the world who are also interested in photographing children with special needs. It’s really just thrilling to talk with these other photographers. It keeps me excited about photographing children with special needs.


The trade show takes up about 6 hours of the day and the rest of the day is used to attend classes taught by world renowned photographers. Typically I attend 3 or 4 other workshops per day….. They are long days but worth it. I learned so many new ideas that I plan on incorporating into my existing photography business. Every time I attended one of these photography conferences (over 10 in the past 5 years) I become a better photographer… I am dedicated to honing in on my photography skills and increasing the satisfaction of my clients and their experience at the Acclaimed Photography studio in Bothell, WA.


My photography partner, Jamie and I, did have a few free moments to take some fun photos at the MGM Grand.


Photos to come in the next couple of days….. Kerri


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