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The Journey IS the Reward! Turkey Travels August 1, 2008

Hello all,

Many of you know that I’m a self-proclaimed ‘worldtraveler’ (at least that is what my personal email address says. I started traveling to Europe 3 days after my high school graduation……many years ago. Those were the days when the dollar was strong and backpacking was cheap! My nightly rate for a youth-hostile or place to stay was about $10. Well, with the current weak dollar that would not pass in Western Europe but the money still will go far in…….Turkey! I’ve traveled to nearly all the countries in Europe several times and am looking forward to a new adventure.  The history of just Istanbul alone (formerly Constantinople) is mind-blowing. The country is blessed with The Aegean and the Mediterranean coasts.

Yes, I’m headed to Turkey soon! I’m so excited I can’t stand it!!! I’ve wanted to go to Turkey for the past 8 years. My dad and I (who I’ve traveled to Europe with 3 times already) were booked/paid/scheduled to go to Israel in November 2001. Well…. “9-11” happened and the Israel trip was justifiably cancelled. Our original plan was to fly to Turkey for a week of exploration and then meet up with our tour group in Israel.  Shortly after my dad had a stroke; needless to say that put an end to our adventure travel together. Now he’s resting peacefully, but I do have all our countless weeks of adventurous travels to fill my mind with enough memories to last a lifetime.

If you’ve ever traveled to Turkey you know what an amazingly beautiful and historical country it is AND the people are said to be some of the friendliest in the WORLD! No one I know wanted to go….so… is that going to stop me. No! I’m going alone. One backpack, camera, and I’m off for an adventure.  I’ll be using a local backpackers “hop on hop off” bus to get from one town to another, meeting other travelers along the way. I’ll be taking a four day Gulet cruise (old wooden ships made in Turkey) for $275. I’ll try my first paragliding in the world’s most famous place for paragliding-Olu Deniz and I’ll take a stab at my first diving experience in a pristine diving town called Kas (pronounces ‘cash’).

I look forward to writing/blogging about my trip. I’ll keep you posted.

Kerri Kirshner

Blog Queen


2 Responses to “The Journey IS the Reward! Turkey Travels”

  1. Willow Says:

    diving and paragliding, oh my! sounds like a ton of fun! and think about all the awesome images you are going to have!!! yay!

  2. b Says:

    Hi Ms Kirshner

    Your trip sounds amazing! i hope that you get great photos and post them on your spectacular web page. I think it is very brave and independent and cool of you to go to turkey on your own. Your friends must be incredibly lame not to have gone with you.

    well, cheers to it all!
    b devine

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