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Camryn the cutie . . . August 1, 2008

Yesterday, sweet little Camryn came to my studio for her portraits, which one will be included in the “Jameson Book” (see separate blog post-coming soon). She’s a sweet little girl that loves her parents (as you can see in the photos). Between each outfit change Camryn would smile and laugh. We caught a couple of her smiles on camera…..Here are a few of my favorite images from the session.



2 Responses to “Camryn the cutie . . .”

  1. Erica Says:

    If we could use two words to describe Camryn, she’s simply ‘sweet’ and unbelievably ‘tough’. Despite all of her disabilities and discomfort, she rarely complains. Not only has Camryn changed our hearts and our lives for the better, she has touched others all around the world. We are so grateful for our beautiful precious daughter. We love you Camryn.

    ~Mommy and Daddy

  2. Camryn was truly a delight to photography! I really like the last image where she is laughing! She was so patient with us fussing over her….. what a champ she is. Kerri

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