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Little man “Stage” July 22, 2008

Stage is a very special little boy. He has special needs, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at him. He’s so precious and cuddly. Today I had the honor of photographing him (when I wasn’t holding and cuddling with him). He will be one of the subjects featured in the “Jameson Book” that I am working on, along with mother of a special need son, Jamie.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the session today:





One Response to “Little man “Stage””

  1. Jessie (Stage's mom) Says:

    Stage is my 22 month old son and he is an absolute joy.

    He is pretty low tone and therefore he isn’t able to sit,crawl or walk. Stage has difficulty swallowing and is primarily tube fed. He also has vision and cognitive delay.
    Above all he has his own personality. He loves his pacifier, recognizes familiar voices and is holding his head up. He loves to be bounced on a knee and swinging in a swing. He makes the cutest noises and can melt any heart.

    Acashia is Stage’s 6 year old sister and already knows how to use his feeding pump, works on his physical therapy and really “get’s” Stage .

    I am really greatful to Kerry for capturing how we see Stage. These pictures are beautiful.

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