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Weekly Photo Tip – What makes photos blurry? July 15, 2008

Hello friends,

Have you ever had a photograph come out blurry? Well here are a couple of reasons why and solutions to help correct that issue.

There are a couple of reasons WHY your photo is blurry. One, the camera moved while you pressed the shutter, or the subject moved while you were taking the photo.


  • One solution is to use a tripod while taking photos. This is a very easy way to steady the camera while taking photos (especially in low light situations). Tripods come in a variety of sizes and styles.
  • Steady yourself. If you don’t have a tripod available you can steady yourself. A couple of ways to do that is to take a deep breath before you depress the shutter and stay still, lean up against a wall while you take the photo, or bring the camera close into you, giving you more stability.
  • Turn the flash on.
  • Increase the ISO. The ISO setting tells the camera how sensitive the image sensor inside the camera should be. The higher the ISO number, the more sensitive the sensor is to light.
  • Focus. Yes, this may seem obvious, but double check to make sure your lense (if you can adjust it, is in focus).

Enjoy! Kerri Kirshner

Acclaimed Photography


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