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Weekly Photo Tip: Wait…. Don’t Delete…..From Your Camera! May 17, 2008

Ever find yourself deleting images from your camera?  Before you do please consider the following reasons NOT to:

1- The tiny LCD screen on the back of your camera is not color calibrated. It is hard to really see what IS on the screen. Sometimes the poor color of the LCD can make a good image look bad. Wait until you get home and download all your images onto your computer. View the images on a large screen and a better monitor–then use the delete key.

2-The LCD screen uses a lot of battery power. The more time you spend viewing and deleting the less time you have to take photos You may find yourself viewing and deleting your images and then end up with no battery power or images on your flash card.

3-Slippery fingers? Deleting one image may accidentaly end up deleting two…. one of which you did not intend to. It is possible to try and recover the accidentaly deleted image, but that means you cannot write over the deleted file. At this point you would need to put in a new flash card to continue photographing.

4-Distracting…. It is very destracting to edit your images as you are taking photos. While you are editing you may be missing ‘the moment’.

If you have anything to add, why it is NOT a good idea to delete right from the camera please leave a comment.


Kerri Kirshner

Acclaimed Photogrpahy

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