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Weekly Photo Tip #1 – Using Flash in the Sun – April 9, 2008 April 9, 2008

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Hello all~

Each week I will be posting a “photo tip” on this blog site. Please subscribe or check back each week.

This week’s topic:

With summer just around the corner there will be ample opportunity to photograph outside, on the beach, family gatherings etc. You might think with all that sun you wouldn’t need to use your flash—WRONG!! Many times when your subject is ‘backlit’ the face ends up dark. Try this: Pop a little flash into the face of your subject to remove the shadows and darkness.

Please comment on the blog and I will answer your questions.

Thanks, Kerri



One Response to “Weekly Photo Tip #1 – Using Flash in the Sun – April 9, 2008”

  1. Bob Sharpe Says:

    I agree 100% about using flash outside, many people think the brighter the sun the better and then wonder why every one is squinting their eyes. Another idea if there are any trees nearby is to have the family group stand under the shade of the tree and then add some additional highlights by turning on the flash on the camera you are using. Keep up the great work I look forward to your weekly tips!

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